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Our business intelligence, data warehousing, data transformation, analytics and Power BI services, you’ll get the best solutions available, tailored to the exact needs of your business. To get the most out of a business intelligence program, you need a partner that can clearly identify your organization’s current needs but also one that will remain present and committed to seeing these changes through.

Without creating a business intelligence and analytics strategy, your organization is at risk of being uninformed; and making uninformed decisions leads to risky investments. In addition to informing your own business decisions, a proper BI strategy and assessment provides your customers and investors with measurables and a plan to attain greater value. When all is said and done, your BI strategy needs to offer a measurable and tangible enhancement to your business’ decision-making process.

Many businesses have disparate data sources and don’t have ability to manage their vast, unstructured data. We excel in managing your data from various sources into a central location, perform data extraction, processing, & cleansing, and optimize the data to produce powerful reports. We work with the following technologies: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Custom ETL Development, SQL Programming, Data Marts, OLAP Cubes.


A modern data warehouse easily brings together all your data no matter the size, so you can capture insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all your users. Adopting Modern Data warehousing solutions enables businesses reduces the time, cost, and efforts of companies through rapid data integration and improved efficiencies. It also empowers innovative new data models. Databases we can work with: MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, File System.

All data tells a story. The challenge today is we get overloaded by data and the story becomes unclear. We help organizations gain personalized insights about their transactional data. We excel in building quick , detailed reports and dashboards which help you understand most of your data with intuitive bar, pie, line, block, bubble charts. We work with several platforms, tools and techniques to help you interact visually with the data in your organization. Technology we work with: SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS), Crystal Reports, Microsoft Power BI.

There is a rapid development of multiple BI tools to meet enterprises’ growing data analysis requirements. To sustain and stay ahead of the competition, organizations need to access their entire database to improve their functional and operational performance. We excel in providing end-to-end business intelligence solutions which include service offerings like BI consulting, data analytics, implementation, and support services. We identify, extract, manage, and analyze data for organizations to help them make business-critical decisions.


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Key Features

  • DISCOVERY SESSIONS - Brainstorming session with the client to get insights about challenges faced;
  • WIREFRAMING - Creation of blueprint on wireframing tools;
  • ETL/AUTOMATION - We help transform siloed data into a clean and well-prepared format;
  • DASHBOARD DEVELOPMENT - Our customized dashboards are created using the right mix of storytelling and aesthetics;
  • CUSTOM API CONNECTORS - We code, deploy, and maintain custom data fetch according to requirements;
  • POWER BI WEB CONNECTORS - We build user-friendly interfaces to connect and fetch data to Power BI desktop and server;
  • SMART WIDGETS - Statistical widgets including forecasting widgets, Custom Attribution, Intelligent insights, Scoring mechanism, etc.
  • POWER BI APPS - Combining look-alike dashboards and Reports from Power BI Designer;
  • DASHBOARD USER INTERFACE DESIGN - We follow design thinking guidelines to create a UI design that brings out the wow;
  • TECHNOLOGIES - SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS), Crystal Reports, Microsoft Power BI;
  • DATABASES - MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, File System.
  • DATA TECHNOLOGIES - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Custom ETL Development, SQL Programming, Data Marts, OLAP Cubes;
  • And much more.