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Our e-commerce web design and development is modular in approach, which has two main advantages. First, the store becomes extremely easy to extend. If, for example, in six months a new feature is required it can be added without having to rebuild the whole site and the whole store. Secondly, features can be added and removed from the store build as required. For example, some sites might require a currency converter, others a unique payment process, and others still an affiliate program - all of these can be facilitated to create the perfect solution.

Key Features

  • Complete self-management of all products, categories, orders, shipping calculations etc;
  • Search-engine friendly design;
  • Featured products for the home page and category pages;
  • Related products to facilitate up-selling opportunities;
  • ‘Customers also bought’ products, automatically calculated to facilitate up-selling opportunities;
  • Stock management facilities, including out-of-stock settings and back-orders;
  • Barcode integration for warehouse management and stock distribution;
  • Automated generation of XML sitemap files for inclusion in to Google, Yahoo and Bing;
  • Customer profile, order history, order status tracking and personalized emailing system;
  • Payment via cash, wire transfer, cheque, credit card among others;
  • Integration with a payment provider such as PayPal, WiPay and local banks through First Atlantic Commerce (FAC);
  • Products can be assigned to distributors, manufacturers among others;
  • Product variants can be assigned to warehouses and track inventory per warehouse;
  • Restrict product by customer role (e.g. sell products to members only or wholesalers);


A fresh approach to online shopping.

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Key Features (Continued)

  • Customer can override price (e.g. Allow customer to decide arbitrary amount to donate);
  • Product minimum and maximum quantity per order;
  • Quoted product. Customer can request a quote for pricing;
  • Booking product by hour, day, week, month, year;
  • Downloadable (virtual) product (e.g. software, ebook, page, etc.);
  • Cross-sell related products;
  • Sell on eBay, Facebook and Instagram;
  • Order discount by customer role (e.g. 10% discount for wholesalers);
  • Automatically generate and email gift vouchers to customer after checkout;
  • Gift vouchers can optionally be transferable to another users;
  • Reward customers for purchases with loyalty points program;
  • Users can search for public wish list and gift registry (baby, wedding, graduation, etc.);
  • Users can purchase products on behalf of friend from registrant's wish list;
  • Send email receipt/invoice to customer;
  • Allow 3rd party sellers to list their products for sale on the site;
  • Sellers can self-manage their own warehouse, product, price, inventory, packing, shipping, handling methods;
  • Sellers can only access information pertinent to them and not view data from other sellers or from your general business;
  • and much more.