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A virtual try-on/try-out feature can help reduce the huge costs that often are incurred due to the return of goods, especially at a time of the global pandemic when customers are increasingly buying online and approaching every physical contact with caution. Virtual try-on/try-out technology has a huge potential. It allows brands to personalize the user experience and better meet the expectations of their customers. By letting customers try on products from the comfort of their home, brands can grow their sales and significantly decrease their return rates.

We have created a series of tools that allows customers to virtually try-on/try-out various products. The products can range from eye glasses, hair wigs, clothing, hats, jewellery, furniture, carpeting, tiles, curtains, drapes, pieces of art, custom lighting, ceiling fans and much more. The tool allows the customer to upload a picture of the environment that they would like to purchase the product for, or they can upload a picture of their face/body. The tool will overlay a picture of the product, for example, a picture of a particular eye glasses frames, and allow the customer to resize and move the product on screen.

This is a great tool for customers to virtually try-on/try-out a product in the comfort of their home/office and decide if it is the right product for them or the room that the product will be purchased for. We can integrate your product catalog into the tool and the tool can allow the customer to purchase the product once they have made their selection. You can integrate it into your own online store product or let our experienced team create a virtual store for you. We offer a fully customized approach aligned with your business goals and expectations.








Providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem.

This is a great tool for users to virtually try-on/try-out a product in the comfort of their home/office.


Key Features

  • Customers are able to try out products virtually before buying them;
  • Customers can order their favorite product online guilt-free or come to your store knowing exactly what they want;
  • Virtual try-on technology makes it possible to try on almost anything;
  • Virtual try-on solutions are easily accessible and highly desirable to end users;
  • A virtual try-on can make a significant difference when it comes to marketing and sales;
  • Virtual try-on offers customers a realistic, personalized product presentation in seconds;
  • Customers can try out dozens of products instantly, and even get related product recommendations, encouraging upsales;
  • For customers, having a chance to try on the desired product makes buying decisions much easier;
  • You communicate directly with our Team Leader, which helps us deliver the optimal solution faster to you;
  • Advice and planning carried out by our experienced experts;
  • Transparent process and direct communication with dedicated engineers;
  • Creates less pressure on your sales assistants;
  • This solution expands your market reach;
  • Integrates with your existing website CMS or E-commerce solution;
  • You’re always involved and informed – from start to finish.