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CinCout (Check-In Check-Out) is a field force management cloud solution, which provides real-time employee location tracking, performance analytics, attendance and leave management, time-sheet management, real-time reporting and more. CinCout also helps managers and senior management to track the performance of their field or remote staff in real-time and fill the revenue leaks.

Track your employees GPS based location from their mobile. Automate reporting, get alerts if somebody is wasting their time and geo-tagged attendance with performance analysis. Real-time reporting allows faster decision making and up to date data from the field staff all the time. Getting the Check-In and Check-Out time of the employees is as easy as pressing a button on your mobile.

Our geofencing technology allows administrators to define boxes around buildings/locations on a map. Employees are only allowed to Check-In from within those geofences/boxes. If an employee attempts to Check-In/Check-Out outside of the geofence/box, then an alert can be sent to management.







A field force management cloud solution, which provides real-time employee location tracking.

Serving information with security. Providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem.


Key Features

  • Great solution for: Security Companies, Remote workers and mobile employees, Construction workers and landscapers, Service-based businesses, Businesses with employees in multiple locations;
  • On-demand employee location tracking with mobile app;
  • Dependable tracking using hybrid positioning (Wifi/GPS) for indoors and outdoors support;
  • View real-time employee location, activity and job status on a map;
  • A visual command-and-control dashboard available via the web or the mobile app;
  • GPS location, time and attendance app for any smartphone;
  • Site attendance monitoring using geofencing;
  • View your team’s location directly via the app;
  • Exception reports and alerts for employees who have not checked-in;
  • Set up reminders based on if employees forget to clock in/out;
  • On-demand location breadcrumb reports;
  • Enable a geofence that reminds employees to check in or out when they enter or leave a job site;
  • More accurate time-sheets mean fewer time-sheet edits;
  • With GPS time tracking, managers of remote teams can verify employees are on-site and safe, in the app and online;
  • The solution can also be used by some notebooks or netbooks supporting GPS and can provide navigation details when on the road;
  • Geofencing feature allows you to set any number of virtual zones, representing geographic boundaries;
  • and much more.